Let primer dry before foundation?

Should I let my primer dry before I put on my foundation, or put on the foundation immediately? I use both mineral makeup and liquid foundation, so is there is a difference there whether the primer should be wet or dry?

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Anytime you are putting on multiple products, it is best to let each one dry before applying the next-- with the exception of toner then serum. Serum distributes more evenly and you use less if you apply it while your skin is still damp from toner. But for primer, let it dry in between applications. It works better that way becasue your skin absorbs it properly then. Otherwise, you might end up looking cakey--especially with powder/mineral foundations.

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Yes, it's best to let your primer have a few minutes to set up and dry completely before moving on to your foundation application.

I usually apply my moisturizer with sunscreen and then apply my primer.  Then I move on to applying my eyeshadow primer and curling my lashes and applying lash primer.  By the time I've done that my foundation primer is dry and ready for my foundation.  And by the time I've finished with my foundation, my eyeshadow and eyelash primers have dried completely so I can move on to applying my eye makeup.  It's a routine that's worked pretty good for me.

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