Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation match?
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Hello. I am trying to pick a color on Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, but I do not seem to find the right shade.

I am light/medium skin (more on the lighter side though), and I have yellow undertone. I am a true MAC NC20 (so no pink undertone at all), and I have also used Bobbi Brown 2.5. 

I just want to know which shades are the true yellow based ones. I have tried the colors but I still need a second opinion. what are other people wearing? 


- Cream Ivory --> I find this true yellow undertone, but it is too light and pasty

- Beige Ivory --> I dont know why people keep recommending this one for NC20    yellow undertone. I found it to be neutral and has some pink undertones!!

- Medium Ivory --> I think this one could be a good match, but is it yellow undertone?

-Bamboo Beige --> nice colour but too dark (maybe good for NC30)


Could anyone tell me which ones have true yellow undertones??? Thanks! 



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I am NC20 you can look through my pictures to see if you have similar coloring to me. I have a sample of Beige Ivory and it seems to match fine (i think it is a teeny tiny bit dark on me but my husband LOVES it). I get compliments every time I wear it (I've worn it 3 times so far).

It is on my heart list no so much for the color (I dont think it is a true match) but for the formula. I really like the way this foundation feels & makes my skin look.


I actually wore it yesterday at a work function for my husband. 

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