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Is there any product that can make me look less jowl-y?

I just saw some recent pictures of myself and see jowls that weren't there before. Short of plastic surgery, is there any way to minimize their appearance? Countouring makeup? Firming creams? Exercise??

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If you want a makeup solution, then contouring is your best bet. Choose a matte powder that is about 2 to 4 shades darker than your natural skintone. You can also use your bronzer (as long as it contains no shimmer).


Apply the contouring shade under your jaw line and blend down (and a little up, just so there are no harsh edges). I suggest also applying the contour shade to the hallows of your cheeks (if you sucked your cheeks in, the part that gets sucked in is your hallow of your cheek). Or do the "3 E" going from the top of your forehead, to the hallow of your cheek and down to the jaw line (like you would apply bronzer). Play around to find what works for you!


When contouring you should also highligh to balance out your face. If you want to keep it easy and draw attention to the top of your face (away from the jaw line) you can apply your highlight shade to the tops of your cheekbones, brow bone, and inner corner of your eye.



Addittionally, here are some non-makeup tips to help you pose best in a photo to reduce that problem area:


* Do the "Up Down" - pull your head up and a little forward before tilting your chin down. You may feel a little like a turtle, but in a photo it will look great.


* Do the "Head Held High" - pull your head up and your chin up and forward.


* And in general, be sure the person taking your photo is above your eyeline - not below!


I hope this helped!

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