I'm in a beauty rut! Does anybody have any beauty/style ideas to help me bust out of the blahs?

I already do a lot in my at-home beauty regimen- make-up, waxing, masques, exfoliating, mani/pedi's, hair coloring- you name it!  But lately I've been feeling like I'm in a rut and I want to try something new to shake up my look.  Nothing too drastic- I'm getting married this summer and don't want to do something I'll regret.  I'm just looking for a boost to what I already do.  

Any suggestions/tips would be great!  Thanks! 

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Maybe you could try one of the glycolic peels, I think the Brazilian Peel is not too drastic but can really polish the skin. You sound like you aren't a noob when it comes to DIY so I think you could do an at home treatment. I was in a foundation rut, I like what I have but wanted to change things up. I started trying to mix a little of my LM tinted moisturizer with a pump of my MUFE HD. It actually gave me a nice dewy finish with more coverage that I like. Maybe just play with what you have by mixing things up. Layer some shadows over each other to create a new shade. Try lining your eyes in a technique or color that you don't normally do. I like to play with the stuff I have to use it in ways that I normally don't when I'm in a rut. Have fun!
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