I have Acne and Oily skin what would a good foundation be for me?
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I love using make up but just can't find the right kind to suit my skin without it being way too oily or show that I have make up on

I need some make up that makes me feel natural

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I have oily skin too, so I know how hard finding a foundation that first doesn't change color as you produce more sebum and second stays on as long as you need it to can be.  I used Bare Minerals for one summer and loved it!  At the time, however, I would itch all over my face after application so I ended up throwing everything away except the brushes my starter set came with.  Well, I used the brushes with other make-up, and as it turned out, it was the brushes making me itch, not the make-up.  I was pretty pissed that I hadn't figured that out before tossing my $60 worth of Bare Minerals.  I didn't go back to buy more though because I went through a Mary Kay phase.  I still think that their $12 medium coverage foundation is a God-send for oily skin because a tube will last anywhere from 3-6 months depending on how often/how much you use.  There are so many shades that get custom matched to you too.  I used my Mary Kay Beige 402 for over 5 yrs, but when I ran out a few months ago, I decided to be a diva and get some NARS sheer-matte foundation.  It's not bad for oily skin, but I wish it smelled better and had more coverage.  Of course, the name is SHEER for a reason.  I'm not a fan of the dewy look or the glow so I have to contend with my NARS foundation doing just that because it doesn't absorb excess oil while wearing it.  Instead, it stays on and mixes with my natural oils making me look like I spritzed on some kind of refresher.  Not a bad look, but I prefer super matte.  In the end, just go into Sephora for a foundation consultation.  There are so many to try that you could ask for multiple samples to play with over the next few days/weeks to find one that works for you.


Something that you could look into besides foundation and a really great skin care routine, however, is a great mattifier.  My absolute favorite of all-time is the Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel.  I was sold on it back in 2005 when I tried it at a Bath & Body Works flagship store (Sephora, of course, sells it) as a demonstration on my hand.  I put one of  the massage oils from the Aromatherapy line on my hand in a little puddle and then used a dab of the PTR gel on it and voila!  The oil was gone!  Needless to say my face isn't that oily, but I was once told it looked like I had just fried chicken on my forehead so the PTR gel is a miracle in a little bottle.

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