I am seriously pale... help!

I cant get away with Laura Mercier, Chanel , MAC foundation/tinted moisturiser colours.It's not so bad in summer when I get a hint of colour and can wear MAC tinted moisturiser in the lightest colour, but in winter it's next to impossible to find something that doesn't look muddy and too dark.


Can you recommend any tinted moisturisers or foundation for my ridiculously pale neutral based skin?

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I second prettyinpas's suggestion about trying a Bobbi Brown foundation or tinted moisturizer because she has shades beginning as light as Alabaster which is a very, very light shade.

Hope you find one that works for you! Smiley Happy


Bobbi Brown makes some of the palest foundations/TM around. There is even one that is lighter than my ridiculously pale skin!

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Chanel and Bobbi Brown both make good color matches for fair skin. I would recommend Benefit Hello Flawless but do NOT buy it online because the colors are not accurate at all. I wear the champagne and online its shows as the lightest color in the bunch but its actually the 3rd lightest in person. There are 2, Petal and Ivory that are much much lighter than the champagne and one of those might work for you. Try it in store first though.

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