I am looking for a self tanner/bronzer/SPF for the face.
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Prescriptives made an awesome one.  It provided beautiful color, and did not cause me to break out.  I have yet to find a similar replacement!  Any ideas?

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Lancôme has one with SPF 15: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P263320&categoryId=B7 -- I would read the reviews -- and if you use this, I would use a separate sunscreen, because SPF 15 isn't sufficient. I would go with at least 30 (and higher if you're fair!).


As a side note, I have found that it's easier to control the color with a bronzing powder. Even with a natural sun tan (good for you for using a product, rather than the sun!), the color isn't always even -- it hits your nose, forehead and cheeks more heavily -- so it looks more natural to me to use bronzer, rather than an all-over color. That said, a great one is NARS Laguna.


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