Hydrating foundation suitable for combination skin!?

This winter I've had to switch to cleanser & moisturizer for dry skin. I have combination skin, but for months now I've been battling a flaky complexion (and losing). I still get a bit oily on my nose but all of my oil-free/combo liquid foundation has been drying my skin out majorly.


I need a liquid foundation with moisturizing properties, but I don't want to end up greasy. I need something that I can smooth over my skin with a foundation brush and quench my dried-out, very fair complexion.


***I tried MUFE's HD, I don't feel it was worth $60-some dollars, call me crazy but it just does not apply well to my skin. The formula does not work on my skin texture, even with Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer underneath. It ends up looking patchy, and it has pink undertones that look one shade too dark, especially on my cheeks. I can't even use my foundation brush with it, it streaks like crazy. So please, no MUFE HD suggestions lol. Something else!***

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Hey there sugarpot, marilicious took the words right out of my mouth. I was going to say use Clarisonic also, then I read your other posts/comments and found that you did use Clarisonic and it really did the trick for you, I'm really glad that worked for you. They even have different brush heads in case you find that your needs change with the season or hormones or whatever. The brush heads come in regular, sensitive skin, deep pore cleansing and acne (I think that's all of them)


Anyhow, Congrats!! I love when people come back and tell us what worked or didn't work for them. Thanks.Smiley Happy

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