Hydrating foundation suitable for combination skin!?

This winter I've had to switch to cleanser & moisturizer for dry skin. I have combination skin, but for months now I've been battling a flaky complexion (and losing). I still get a bit oily on my nose but all of my oil-free/combo liquid foundation has been drying my skin out majorly.


I need a liquid foundation with moisturizing properties, but I don't want to end up greasy. I need something that I can smooth over my skin with a foundation brush and quench my dried-out, very fair complexion.


***I tried MUFE's HD, I don't feel it was worth $60-some dollars, call me crazy but it just does not apply well to my skin. The formula does not work on my skin texture, even with Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer underneath. It ends up looking patchy, and it has pink undertones that look one shade too dark, especially on my cheeks. I can't even use my foundation brush with it, it streaks like crazy. So please, no MUFE HD suggestions lol. Something else!***

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Well It seems like you really need to exfoliate first, so that your make up can go on flawlessly.


If you look through my post ...I always recommend the Clarisonic Skin care brush. I just bought it for my BFF who has really dry skin, and WOW. You could see the difference after the first use. I own 2 one for travel and one for home, and I cannot live without it...I have really really oily skin. Great investment, look into it. ( it helps your moisterizer and skin care products absorb better too, and helps even out your skin tone....just AHHHHmazing)


After you have exfoliated.....make up time! lol


I have oily skin, and loooove Clinique Superbalanced foundation ...it's oil free ,but  An oil-free liquid foundation that adds moisture and subtracts oil where needed.

There's also Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF10. My friend with dry skin loves this.


and she also raves about Clinique Repairwear Laser Focur SPF 15 Foundation....it's hydrating.



I would also recommend the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisterizer. It has more coverage than other tinted moisterizers I've tried.LOOOOOVE. ...but ofcourse, I use the Oil free version.

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I use to exfoliate religiously, but when my face started getting drier and drier I thought maybe I was over-scrubbing and making it worse. That's why I switched to cleanser & moisturizer for dry skin. BUT after you suggested exfoliation, I decided to wash my face with my original exfoliator and VOILA! Smooth, NONflaky skin =D thanks for the tip! Here I was thinking it would make my skin even drier but all along it's what my skin needed.
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yey. happy for you. Dry or Oily ...everyone must exfoliate. I'll say it again....CLARISONIC!!! Smiley Tongue
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