How to find your foundation shade online?
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The closest Sephora store is 6 hours away and I want to try the Makeup Forever HD foundation. Whats my shade? How do I decide online since they don't have a sample version to get. I have very light skin and its hard for me to get the right color


Also, can I get one and return it if it doesn't match me?

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The only way to find your foundation color is to test it on your skin.

You can return it if it doesnt work for you, and thats your best bet

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if you are looking for Make Up forever online it's very important to go by your undertone. Also, on the Sephora website on the MUFE site they have a shade finder that I think is very good ( the shade I picked ended up being the perfect one for me)


Hope that helps

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@Maylily To determine your shade, try the Make Up For Ever Shade Finder.  Simply roll over the swatches and choose the model whose skintone resembles your own. :smileyhappy: If you are not happy with the color you choose, we are happy to accept your return within 60 days of receipt of the item.

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I was in the same situation as you when I first bought MUFE HD foundation. It's important that you know your skin undertone when you are looking at the color wheel. After I figured that out I bought a color I probably would not have picked and it matches perfectly. From what I have read (and did) the best way to find your undertone is to look at your wrist outside in natural light. If your veins are blue then you will want a foundation with cool undertones (that's me), if they are greenish or yellow then you are warm. If you Google it there are many ways to do this, but looking at my wrist worked for me!

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