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How to Appy Foundation
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I have super pockmarked skin from my childhood and can never get a perfectly smooth finish on my foundation. How can I apply foundation to hide the marks and get a smooth finish?

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I really suggest using a pimer as well. You might want to trying using a more filling primer like primed and porless by too faced. Also I suggest a liquid as well that suites your skin type. Make Up Forever HD is great it is oil free has lots of color choices and glides on. Applying this foundation with Sephora's platiunum airbrush gives a great look. I always suggest using a brush to apply your foundation and this brush works great with just about any liquid. If you want to set it with a powder you can but you do not have to. I think a dewy/glowy (not oily) natural look makes use appear more natural and younger. If you do want to set the liquid I recommend Laura Mercier's translucent powder.

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