How do I know if I have yellow, beige or yellow undertones?
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How do I know if I have beige, yellow, or pink undertones?

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I've had difficulty figuring out the correct undertone based on silver/gold jewelry and color theory... because I'm biased.  I like silver-colored jewelry over gold, and I might fool myself into thinking I look better with silver rather than with gold... The same with colors.  The colors I love aren't necessarily what look great on me...


I always found it easier to just compare foundations with different undertones on your skin.  The one with the right undertone will look most natural. I'm Asian, so I always figured I had yellow undertone... until I realized foundations with yellow undertone make me look jaundiced. But I'm not pink either, and any foundation with heavily pinkish undertone makes me look a little ashen and ghastly. Turns out I'm neutral, somewhat peachy. I have both yellow and pink in my skin. By the way, different companies have different ideas as to what neutral/pink/yello undertone means.  Shiseido, I find to be quite yellow toned, while Dior is more pink toned.  So don't buy any makeup based on your 'undertone', do get a sample and try it on your skin first!

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