How do I keep my under eye concealer from creasing?

I use the Makeup forever lift concealer and it still settles in to my eye creases! Could it be the powder I am using to set it? Or should I not even use a powder? Tips please!

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I second tenngal -- the Lift Concealer is amazing, but don't put setting powder anywhere under your eyes -- that is probably the fastest way to make any creases or wrinkles more pronounced and noticeable! I'm not sure which one you are using, but I would stop using the powder (in this area) first, and see how it looks.

If you still think it looks dry and cakey -- are you using a good eye cream? The under eye area lacks moisture, and if you are not using an eye cream, the concealer might be settling into the dry skin. Once the skin is hydrated, the concealer will most likely blend better.

This really is a great concealer -- and it's fabulous precisely because it does not typically crease or settle into fine lines -- so definitely try the different suggestions before switching!


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I am currently testing two different eye cremes and have been for just over a week... I have been using a clinique one and a vichy one... I will try the tips above for sure for the next week and see what happens! Thanks !
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