How do I keep my under eye concealer from creasing?

I use the Makeup forever lift concealer and it still settles in to my eye creases! Could it be the powder I am using to set it? Or should I not even use a powder? Tips please!

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I had the exact same problem -- and my shadow would join those creases - yuck.


The advice you're getting is spot-on. If you use a primer that plumps up your skin, you can safely use concealer and have it glide over. The one I absolutely adore is Too-Faced Wrinkle Injector. I actually use a retractable lip brush that I bought specifically to use with concealer and the TFWI.


1. Dab a little Wrinkle Injector (or similar product) onto the back of your hand.

2. Apply the cream with brush under your eyes, sweeping into the inner corners and back out to the edges. Cover the "crows' feet" zone as well.

3. Apply your eye makeup.

4. Dab your concealer onto the back of your hand next to the Wrinkle Injector dab.

5. Using the brush, mix the concealer and WI together and blend under each eye in sheer layers.

6. Finish (if desired) with a brush of translucent powder.


Good luck!


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I second tenngal -- the Lift Concealer is amazing, but don't put setting powder anywhere under your eyes -- that is probably the fastest way to make any creases or wrinkles more pronounced and noticeable! I'm not sure which one you are using, but I would stop using the powder (in this area) first, and see how it looks.

If you still think it looks dry and cakey -- are you using a good eye cream? The under eye area lacks moisture, and if you are not using an eye cream, the concealer might be settling into the dry skin. Once the skin is hydrated, the concealer will most likely blend better.

This really is a great concealer -- and it's fabulous precisely because it does not typically crease or settle into fine lines -- so definitely try the different suggestions before switching!


: )

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Absolutely skip the powder underneath your eyes if you have fine lines.  It will make your fine lines stand out and be much more visible.  I learned this the hard way through trial and error on myself.

Also, be sure to apply your foundation primer underneath your eyes before applying your concealer.  This will help to keep it out of fine lines, too.

But the main thing is keep any type of setting powder or concealer in powder form away from your eyes.

Another thing is when you are applying your concealer, don't rub it in, just tap and blend with either your ring finger or a concealer brush so that you don't push the concealer into your lines right from the beginning.

And, by the way, MUFE Lift Concealer is one of the best concealers for disguising fine lines, so I'd try the tricks above before considering changing concealers.

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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Personally I am not a big fan of Makeup forever because I feel all of their skin products are way to heavy and cakey. I feel like I am wearing stage make up Smiley Sad yuck. But I do like Benefit's concealers!

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This really works! Smiley Happy

Click on the link below for a great concealer setting technique. This technique works great with most any concealer from drug store to high end. I've found it's usually not the concealer product at fault for creasing, but the setting technique. I super hope this helps!

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Try using something gel based for under the eyes, like Bobbi Browns under eye corrector or Peter Thomas Roth Un-wrinkle concealer because it's meant to glide under your eyes easier and its not heavy, but heavy enough to could use your makeup forever for any little extras you want to cover like spots or subtle acne.  

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Try using a wrinkle filler or what  I like to use ..... Pores No More by Dr.Brandt or Benefit's- The POREfessional... They sound like they are for pores, but it also helps eliminate fine lines... They are little thicker consistency rather than like a moisturizer... So use the pore primer before you put on the concealer and let it set and then add concealer and then powder with a sponge to set!! Hopes this helps


xoxo kimmie

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