How do I find the right foundation color to match my skin color?
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 I have Rosacea and have a difficult time matching my skin color because I have fair skin with red tones.  I am tired of people asking me if I am sunburned so I would like a makeup that will tone down the red.  Any suggestions???  HELP!


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I have the same problem and when I would get matched I end up with VERY PINK color.  By the summer when my skin gets more even, I hold the bottle next to my face and go ewww, what were they thinking.  They matched to my check and jawbone, hence I got pinked.


I saw a video on youtube that said to match to your top of your forehead - that way you don't get a foundation with too much red in it because your skin is irritated and red (and look like a big pink face)

I would also beware of any foundation or product that has alcohol in it. I had the Lancome Teint Miracle (was too pink) and it was irritating my skin. I was about to buy the new Chanel Aqua when someone told me to avoid - there is lots of alcohol which you should NEVER use on your skin.   Sure enough when I looked at the Lancome and Chanel bottles, each had Alcohol as one of the top 2 or 3 ingredients (what are they thinking)

Right now I am using Hourglass TM in Ivory, and also CoverGirl NatureLux in 310 (on days where I want or need more coverage).  

Hope this helps.

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