Highlighting with Bare Mineral Makeup??

I would like to add some contour to my face makeup routine....Maybe using a highlighter or something to that nature. I use Bare mineral foundation and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on what products work well with it? Also in what order would I apply the highlighter and foundation/mineral veil??

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Although it doesn't really matter I like to use powder highlighters with powder foundatoins and liquid/cream highighters with liquid/cream foundations.

That being said with bare minerals I think you should look into either NARS Albatross



Or Dior's Amber or Rose Diamond:



Smashbox's soft lights:



Application: After you have finished buffing in your Bare Minerals apply your blush, then your highlighter and then your mineral veil (just don't go overboard applying the mineral veil where you put the highlighter) I suppose you could do your highlighting last but I'm not sure if it would stay on as long.


Good luck!

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