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I have always had a problem with foundation! I'm 20 years old and have not found a good foundation I like. I've tried so many different things and I need some help! Ok, so I have dark brown hair and green eyes, with naturally light skin. I have a strong Native American background and when I tan, I get pretty dark. I've been tanning for a while now and am getting darker. I'm in need of a good foundation with full coverage. The foundation I'm using now is like a loose powder and I love it except for the fact it turns my skin really oily and shiny after about 3 hours of wearing it! It looks terrible! I've been thinking about trying something from bare minerals but am not sure. Any advice will be much help and appreciated! Thank you!

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do you use a primer? (recommend smashbox) or a mattifying spray?


I get oily after a while too due to sweat etc and I just use blotting sheets and a press powder to do touch ups and it should be okay.


Also at night I use a mattfying moisturizer and it seems to control the oil better!


i hope those tips help..



if anything, I also use BE and sometimes I feel too 'powdery' so I switched to Smashbox, and I like that one better but it's a lot more expensive!

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