Has anyone used the Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush?

Just wondering if anyone has had the chance to try this brush out -- it seems so soft!  I have been tempted to buy one every time I have been in Sephora lately, but I have yet to do so. Does anyone own one? Honestly, I usually use my fingers to apply and blend foundation, but it almost seems to tempting to pass up. Thoughts? Thanks!

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I actually really like this brush.  It is nice and dense so you get a full coverage with almost any product.  It is pretty big, so you can do your foundation very quickly as it covers a lot of space.  The hardest part is the the small crevices, but I just go back with my fingers if I need to and blend.  If you have been eyeing it and don't use another brush for your foundation, you should definitely get this one.  Your skin will look so smooth and natural, even if you build a lot of coverage.

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Hi Katie!


I don't own the brush but have had a chance to try it out! It really is very soft and great for blending liquid and cream foundations, I liked how you could buff it onto the skin (almost like with bare minerals) but without having the streaky line that a foundation brush can sometimes give. I actually like the brush better than the foundation! Smiley Happy It's a pretty good investment I think, I have my own favorite airbrush foundation brush I already use but when I need a new one I may go for the Tarte!


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Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

I own and looooovvvee this brush.  If I could marry a brush it would be the Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush.  I originally had the BE Kabuki brush and I got rid of it.  Then I got the Classic Foundation Brush from Sephora, which I still have but I use for touch ups since it's small.  This brush is soft and huge so it covers a larger area and you get done putting on foundation faster.  It doesn't absorb the products that I use and really puts it on beautifuly and it really looks airbrushed on.  If you own the bronzer brush from Sephora it's about that big just more dense.  Also it kept it's shape after washes and dried fairly quickly.  I doubt that I will change foundation brushes for a long time.

If you purchase this brush please let us know your opinion. I've been looking at foundation brushes and almost can't believe the reviews! Anxious to know your opinion!
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