Has anybody tried the Boscia BB Cream and would they recommend it?
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I'd also add that there is a fine glitter in the bb cream that is noticable in the light. I tend to avoid face products with glitter unless it's used as a highlight, however, since this is going all over my face, I find it excessive. If you don't mind the fine glitter, then other things to consider- when worn on its own, the bb cream conceals lightly, moisturizes and provides uva and uvb sun protection. I'm a medium beige skin tone (think Alicia Keys range) and the bb cream adjusts to fit my shade well. Others who are more fair can also wear the product as is adjusts, however I wouldn't reccommend it for those who are much darker because it will look chalky. I'd reccommend getting a sample size and giving it a try for a day before buying. Good luck!

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