Getting makeup done for prom?
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I want to get my makeup done for prom at Sephora and I have a few questions. If you've ever gone your makeup done here, what was your experience? Did you like the makeup? How long will it take? I'm also getting my hair done by a family friend before. I want to make sure I have plenty of time. Prom starts at 7 but we're also going to eat and take pictures, I've never been to prom before so I have no idea how long this takes. Any idea what time I should make my appointment? I'm also going to the mall tomorrow anyway and should I just make my appointment while I'm there, or would it be better to call? Any other tips/comments? Thanks!
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It takes approximately an hour for a Customized Makeup Application appointment with a certified color expert. I would consider making your appointment for between 1-2pm. This will allow you to finish by 3pm and you should have plenty of time for dinner and photo's. 

Make your appointment during your mall visit prior to your appointment day. This will allow you to prepay for your $50 CMA gift card and prevent you from standing in line on the day of prom. This will get you in the make up artist's chair quicker allowing more consultation and application time. 

Have fun!

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Hey... whenever you get your makeup done at Sephora they require you to get a $50 gift card (which you can use to buy stuff like the lipgloss/lipstick they will use on you plus lashes if you want fake lashes added to your look) I got my makeup done there before and it lasted all night. Depending on what you want it does take a while (if they are thorough) Probably between 30-45 minutes to get your makeup done. If you need to get pictures done and stuff before 7 I would suggest you make your appointment maybe at 4 so that you can go back home and get changed. I hope this helps and have fun!

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Hi I just got my makeup done there 2 days ago it and I was very happy with it it is $50 for a full face of treatments for your skin and foundation and the whole thing but just the eyes is free. It only took about 15-Min. and they did a very nice job!!!! You tell them what you want and they will do it!!

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