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Foundation for oily/ acne prone skin?

I have extremely oily and acne prone skin.  What is the best foundation for my skin type that won't make me extra oily throughout the day or cause me to break out?  I've been told bisumuth oxychloride and dimethicone were extremely pore-clogging.  Is this true? It seems as though these ingredients are in every powder and liquid foundation :/

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I just posted a similar answer, so I'm borrowing it because I think it applies for you, too:


If you have acneic or reactive skin, I would definitely check out the brand Cover FX. There is an excellent full-coverage cream foundation that's not oily or heavy -- but if you prefer powders, there are also mineral and powder foundations as well. I like the line because it was developed specifically for problematic skin types -- sensitive, acne-prone, and for those with rosacea, psoriasis, etc. Anything can break you out if your skin reacts to it (even if it's non-comedogenic, etc.), but with a line like this, I feel as if the chances are reduced.


Also, to address your other question, yes, some people are sensitive to bismuth oxychloride and silicones -- they are not traditionally pore clogging, per se, but like anything else, sometimes people react to them.

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Hi snowpeas25

I woul reccomend bareMinerals Matte Foundation it absorbs excess oil for a shine free finish. Also I have never had any pore clogging issues with the bareMineral foundations. I really hope this helps! Smiley Happy


I have very oily, acne prone skin too and had to find an answer to this very same question for myself not long ago! I did my research and what works for me best is Make-Up Forever's Mat Velvet + foundation. It leaves my skin covered, matte, and able to breathe. I was worried it might clog my pores at first, but I've been wearing it almost every day for the past 5 months and my skin has never had a negative reaction. My skin has actually gotten better, leaving only some acne scarring, but this foundation does a great job covering and evening out my skin. I also wear Murad's Oil-Control Mattifier as a primer underneath which not only helps with keeping my oiliness under control, but also helps my foundation stay on all day. Love the combo of these two products and how they make my skin look! Hope you find what works for you too!


I have the same skin type.  I would highly recommend the MAC pro longwear with the prep + prime primer and studio fix powder to set.  I tried so many foundations (Make Up Forever, Dior, L'Oreal, Revlon, Too Faced, etc.) and primers (porefessional, primed and poreless, smashbox photofinish light, etc.) and this is the only combination that keeps me matte ALL day.  I work in finance so I like my face matte for at least 12 hours.  This combo does the trick.  More info on my blog if anyone is interested!


Good luck on the hunt for the perfect foundation routine for us oily girls!

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Katie is correct that CoverFx is a really good brand to check out. As I own the cover cream, know it has a radiant finish and you'll have to set it with powder to make it matte or you'll be having some problems with it lasting/shine.


Also look at Clinique. They have a foundation called Acne Solutions that'll treat your acne while covering it. Always look for "noncomedogenic" as it is the smartest way to shop for foundations. Make sure whatever you choose has a matte finish because it'll cut down the shine and make your foundation last a lot longer. Try to avoid anything dewy or a thick consistency.


I'm right with you snow when it comes to these problems. It really is just a trial and error process.


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Dimethicone is pore filler and used in a lot of sunscreens.  Its ok to use as long as you wash it off. Its actually used to block the sun hence it fills in your pores to block the sun or it helps minimize the appearance of large pores.  Bad news is thats its considered an emollient and can break you out.  You should probably figure out what skin care products will help you first.  No amount of foundation will stop the oils if you don't treat the skin care issue first.  A primer would also help with oil.  I used CoverFX but I found it did not do well especially during the summer.  The foundation and concealer slid right off my oily skin because it is water based.  Currently using the Murad Matte primer underneath my foundation and it has done wonders.

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