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I've suffered acne for many years now and I have not yet found a good foundation that can: heal, cover, and control shine. I know this question has been asked many times, but looking through all the answers most people recommend Bare Minerals. I have tried Bare Minerals matte, Clinique's Acne Solution, Clinique's Stay Matte, MUFE Duo Matte, and countless of foundations and BB Creams. I just wanted to know is there a foundation that covers acne scars, prevents acne, and most importantly stays on? I have not yet tried the HD foundation because I heard it's a sheer coverage.. Any suggestions? 


P.S. If you're recommending BE Minerals Foundation, please comment on how to apply it (How?Sponge?Brush?).



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Before you set out on finding makeup that has acne-healing properties, I suggest you focus on finding the right skincare routine for you.  Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are the two most common acne-fighting ingredients, so perhaps you should try and find products with either one of those ingredients.  At the moment, I'm using Philosophy's Clear Days Ahead 1% Salicylic acid cleanser which I really like.


As for makeup, I find that acne-fighting makeup tends to be a bit drying/ineffective on me, so I usually just stick to a foundation that covers nicely and has maximum staying power.  Right now, i'm using Make Up For Ever's HD foundation, which has pretty good coverage for my acne/acne scars/uneven skintone, and usually stays put all day long.  However, i've foundt hat it doesn't wear very well over dry skin (tends to cake on top when my skin is dry).  Overall, I really like this product.


Hope this helps and best of luck!


p.s. I know dealing with acne SUCKS, but hang in there!  You'll get it all sorted out and will find the PERFECT routine for you, whether it be makeup or skincare.  


I agree with the previous posters, it starts with a good skin care routine.  I found mine at my dermatologists office.  My derm also recommended mineral makeup, and I went with BE but it was just too much of a commitment to do everyday.  I use Cliniques Even Better liquid,and I'm  happy with it.  I'm trying tolighten acne scars, but im sure there are better foundations that would hep you, but nothing will unleas you start with a good base of washing, and moisturizing, etc...I also finally invested in a Clarisonic and it worked wonders.  I do still get occasional acne on my chin where it's always been, ur no where near what I used to.  I give credit to the Clarisonic, even my derm suggested it for me.  She also gave me this retinol stuff.  I would think that you would need more than sheer coverage though...


hi phongdd - welcome to the club, I hope we can give you great infor and some fun along the way,

I know how difficult this problem can be and, yes I was going to suggest a mineral foundation.and I would go with BE. You can start with a moisture, if necessary and SPF. Then you might want to use  there primer, or another if you have a fave. You can also use your concealer of choice, one with a treatment ingredient would be good, some people will use under-eye concealer as a blemish concealer and that doesn't always work well. Some find that green-tinted products work best(me) others prefer yellow best in moisturizer and/or primer and concealer.


You should also try to find out which acne treatment ingredients work best for you, with and without makeup. You don't have to use the same product morning and night, you can have an AM and a PM treatment. Products with Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide work well for me, products with sulfur Do Not! That is also, once again, trial and error.


Now for the foundation.....if you haven't used it before, Bare Escentual has a variety of 'starter kits' that give you a bit of lots of things, check around, like I said, different places offer different sets, see what Sephora currently offers. When you get a set it should have a Foundation and Minerall Veil and a brush for each, I really like their brushes a lot. (Another tip, clieanse your brushes Often, that's a biggie.) You get a small amount of minerals in the cap, swirl the brush, tap off anything loose and then you start 'buffing', you can also stroke it on and add another layer if you feel you need a bit more coverage. I usually start where I have the biggest problem areas. Then you do the same with the Mineral Veil, another tip, if you have any facial hair, the last time you use the brush on your face use downward strokes on your cheeks (or wherever) this will, obviously, help those little annoying hairs lay down and not stick out in all different directions, some hairs are only visible the way the light hits your face at different angles. You can reload your fndtn and Min Veil brushes to take on the go (they used to make pre-loaded ones, not sure if they still do) then you can bring them with you if you need touch ups. The mineral veil comes in a compact now, if I'm not mistaken, so that might be easier too. They say you can reapply the Min Veil throughout the day and never have any build up or anything, this wil help with oilyness, haven't tried that personally so I'm not sure, You can also buy blotting papers, there are some on sale right now at Sephora's sale section, don't know how long they'll be there. There's such a huge range of blotting tissues/papers at all different prices, the pricey ones aren;t always the best. Just look around and see what you think you might like.


You should also have sunscreen, which can add to oilyness and acne. You might want to try Peter Thomas Roth Mineral Powder SPF, it comes in a pre-loades 'cylinder' with a brush, don't know if you re-load, throw it out or what. It used to come in different colors, not sure if it still does, but it's a good way to get your SPF which is Hugely Important. If it comes in colors, you might be able to use it in place of BE, who knows? (Although, BE did come with and without SPF) You can also use the PTR all over your body as well, I heard it does not expire (check that) and you can keep it anywhere, even your glove compartment in your car! This makes it super easy to have anywheere without the worry of leakage like in a bottle of SPF lotion. , it also makes it much, much easier to reapply.


Well, I guess that about says it all, and then some! Let me know if you have any other questions. I wish you the best of luck with this, it is not a fun issue to deal with. Sometimes as you age your skin change, so lets hope your skin finally gets a clue and stops causing so many problems! Hope you'll come back and let me know how all of this works out for you. You can send me a Private Message if you'd like. Once again, best of luck, and hang in there. Smiley Happy


hope not too many mistakes or anything, falling asleep no way to proof Smiley Sad Smiley Happy

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