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I purchased Cover Fx Total Creme Foundation and Matte FX and did not like how it felt on my skin or the finish. It felt heavy on my skin and and my skin felt oily. I prefer a matte finish. Because I'm experiencing active breakouts and have a significant amount of scars, I need something I can use everyday that looks natural and covers my scars. I prefer something easy because I have an 8 1/2 month old baby. I liked the idea of Cover Fx's products being a foudation + concealer, but just didnt care for their products

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I've tried the cover fx foundation and concealer as well because the lady at the sephora counter highly reccomended it for my acne prone skin. I hated how it felt on my skin as well, it was way too thick and had an awful scent and got real oily fast. I recently tried MUFE Matte Velvet, and I think It's the best foundation I've found so far that provides good coverage without feeling like a mask. It doesn't actually help me stay matte for long, but that's because my skin is very oily so I tend to get oily in my t zone after about  3 hours. 

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