Foundation crease's in laugh lines, HELP!!!
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I have always used revlon colorstay but recently I wanted something lighter and every time I try a new foundation it seems to crease in my laugh lines. I have dry sensitive skin, and it doesn't get oily unless i'm to the 12 hour mark with my revlon foundation. I'm only 21 so What should I do, do you think I need a primer? Please Help me . I don't want to use revlon heavy foundation forever. Also if I do need a primer what would be the best for my skin, I also get breakout's a couple times a month. Yes I always moisturize with hope, and use spf40 before foundation application.

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Since you're so young, my suspicion is that your skin is just dry -- do you use a moisturizer? If you normally have oily skin, use a moisturizer for oily, dehydrated skin, such as Korres Yogurt Cream. When your skin is hydrated, you will likely notice a marked decrease of your foundation creasing into lines.


Primers do help, too. Many primers have (personally) caused me to break out, but you might want to try a natural one such as Tarte Clean Slate: or Korres Face Primer:


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