Foundation and powder for oily skin?
I am Asian with extremely oily skin, especially throughout my t-zone, along with large pores on my cheeks and closest to my nose. For awhile now, my routine includes using Smashbox's color correcting primer, MAC's Studio Fix liquid foundation with a stippling brush and finishing off with MAC's loose powder or Benefit's pressed powder, taking care to press/pat each application into my skin and not pull/tug in hopes of avoiding producing oil faster. When I first apply my makeup, it looks somewhat cakey but after about an hour it sets and is great for about half the day, less it's summer. Then it seems like it all dissolves/melts into the oily parts and I just appear GREASY, while other areas seem okay. Reapplying powder and touch ups are something I try to avoid doing too often because it feels like I'm just adding to the mess sitting on top of my skin instead of absorbing. It feels like I could literally scrape it off my forehead and t-zone. I like a full coverage foundation because of my blemish scars and somewhat uneven tone and I've tried mineral foundations which are worse since they disappear after a short while as if I don't even have any foundation on at all. I guess my question to the experts or those with similar issues is: What do you recommend I try instead of my usual routine or add to? Is it something I'm missing? I've just ordered Benefit's Porefessional, which I'm hoping will replace the Smashbox primer, but other than that, I'm stuck. Is there a better oil absorbing, full coverage foundation and powder instead of MAC? I'm trying to find the perfect combo and need some suggestions. Thanks...
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Haha, as one oily asian to another, my advice is: less is more, and use blotting paper.


Sometimes too many layers of product prevent your skin from breathing and combines with the oil to form one thick mess. Instead of applying moisturizer, primer, foundation, spf, powder etc etc, try to find multi-tasking products like a hydrating primer, foundation with SPF etc. POREfessional is a good one, but basically try not to use like 7 layers of product. Personally my routine is either a tinted moisturizer with SPF or a hydrating primer with SPF all over, then apply concealer or foundation wherever is needed, then a dust of matte powder. I don't use enough foundation to buy but if a liquid concealer matches your skintone perfectly, many make up artists use concealer as foundation in areas.


Also, I touch up during the day using Clinique Stay Matte and it worked well for me. However, since you have so much make up on, I suggest using blotting paper during the day so you are not adding on to the mess (you can also use toilet or tissue paper and it works, but for me when I wear lots of make up, sometimes it leaves little white paper fibers, not cool).


Lastly, sometimes your cleanser and moisturizer might affect how oily your skin is. It's summer now and if I go to sleep with my winter cream moisturizer on, after I wash with water I have slightly oily skin, and if I go to sleep with a gel moisturizer, I have matte skin after wash.

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Hi suz79!! I know exactly how you feel. I actually came on here about 2 or 3 months ago asking for help. I'm half Asian and have incredibly oily skin. I tried all kinds of different primers and my makeup melt downs kept occurring! I was recommended to change my skin care. I'm not sure what you use but I'm still in the processes of testing out different products but my skin has already improved SO much... even to the point of getting compliments which I never would've thought possible since I too have large pores on my cheeks. I tried out the Boscia Clear Complexion line, but have switched the toner to the Murad acne toner. What's also helped me out wonders is the Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 (which is a bit thick but don't let that concern you.). I replaced my day time moisturizer with that and it's great!!!!! I then dab on the Benefit Porefessional on my pores (nose/cheeks) instead of wiping it on. It gives me a smoother finish. I rotate my foundations between Laura Mercier Silk Creme and Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, then my best weapon is the Tarte Smooth Operator Finishing Powder. It's amazing and gives such a flawless finish. My makeup is now lasting me through my entire work day and it doesn't look caked on. I also very much recommend NEVER go to bed without washing your face. Hope this helps, good luck!!! Smiley Happys1133727-main-hero.jpgs1261114-main-hero.jpg

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Hi suz79! Smiley Happy


I see you mentioned that you've already ordered Benefit's Porefessional Primer. I was going to suggest that to you for the enlarged pores you were concerned about. it's great I use this primer on my cheeks and on my nose where my pores mostly appears, it blurs them away and gives your skin a smooth surface to work with. In additiong it's LIGHTLY tinted, so it evens out your skin tone at the same time.


As for foundation I love MUFE'S HD foundation. It's medium to full coverage and you can build up the amount of coverage you prefer. This stuff really does a good job at making your skin appear flawless. I use this due some acne scarring I have as well as blemishes and it's just great! Smiley Happy


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When it comes to powder, I also always recommend Urban Decay's De-Slick Mattifying powder. This is my current obsession due to my oily skin. I apply this right after my foundation to set it AND I touch up my skin with this if I need to during the day. You don't have to worry about it weighing you down if you put it on during the day to blot out oilyness because it's transluscent so it doesn't even show, it literally just blots up any excess oil! I also find it helps maintain my foundation at the same time Smiley Happy

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So the above products are the ones I find work best presently. I hope this helps and don't hesitate if you have other questions Smiley Wink



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Hi Suz,


I would also recommend trying the MUFE HD Microfinish Powder on top of your usual foundation and primer.  A little of this product (buffed on well with a kabuki brush) goes a long way. Before I bought this product I noticed my makeup would start to melt halfway through a hot summer day so I decided to look around and stumbled upon MUFE's HD Microfinishing Powder which had great reviews. I decided to try it out on a hot day to see if it works and it does! My makeup lasted thoughtout the day without melting or any blotting. Many mentioned that they had a ghostly finish but the key here is not to apply too much. Less powder, more buffing. Or if this isn't really what you are looking for, you could always bring along blotting papers/compact powder and occasionally blot/freshen up.


Hope this helps and good luck! Smiley Happy


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I have oily skin as well.  I started using a matte primer and foundation and although it doesn't completely stop the oily/shiny look, it lasts longer and looks a lot better than it did before I started using it.  I use Dr. Brandt's no more pores primer, and Nars Sheer Matte foundation.  When I was at Sephora, an advisor suggested that I also use a matte setting powder, so he suggested Makeup Forever matte powder.  I haven't used it yet, but maybe that will help also.  I hope this helps you out!

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I just tried Clinique's new Stay Matte Oil Free liquid foundation and it is BY FAR the best thing I've ever done for my super oily skin!

I've been using it with moisturizer only (Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizing gel - gels are better for oily skin) but may try experimenting with a primer to see the difference - like you said, I also feel that the less I put on my face, the better, so I try to be as minimal as possible. I have noticed such a huge difference in the oil on my skin throughout the day; I used to be covered within an hour, but with this foundation I have almost no oil at all!


Another product that I find helpful is the BareMinerals Ready Touh Up Veil (Translucent). It is very lightweight so I don't feel like I'm adding extra layers of gunk.


Good luck, hope this helps! I know how frustrating finding the right products for oily skin can be!

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I also have super oily skin and I'll tell you what's worked for me! I use Milk of Magnesia as my primer (I got mine at Target and then just put some of a cotton ball and put it all over my face...if it gets chalky just rub it in with your fingers), then I use Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and I set that with MUFE HD powder and Urban Decay All Nighter Spray.  It's worked well for me! Hope this helps!

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