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I need a foundation for photographs for dry/combination skin that can cover redness and comes in very light shades.


Thank you girls!!

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I know of a foundation that is perfect for photographs. Since you have dry skin and problems with redness, though, it's best to neutralize those problems with other products before you apply your foundation. I'd recommend a couple of products besides the foundation and if you use these products, your photos will look great:


1. Since you have dry skin, you need to use a very good moisturizer before your primer and foundation. The most effective moisturizer I know of is also affordable: The Body Shop "Vitamin E Moisture Cream" (Link to Sephora Product Page) If you use this cream the night before and in the morning prior to putting on foundation primer, it should provide the hydration you need and smooth over any dry spots.


2. The best way I know to combat redness is by using a color-correcting foundation primer. The best I know of is Make Up For Ever "HD Microperfecting Primer" (Sephora Product Page) You should use it in the shade "Blue." I know using a blue primer is a little weird, but it really helps neutralize redness and makes skin smooth and even for perfect foundation application.


3. And now for foundation. Because of its soft-focus effect, the very best foundation for photos is Make Up For Ever "HD Invisible Cover Foundation" (Sephora Product Page) It comes in so many shades, it's easy to find the perfect match for your skin tone. This foundation looks great, even under harsh lighting. It's the best I've ever used and worth every penny.


There are a couple more optional products I thought you'd like to know about. The MUFE "HD Invisible Cover Foundation" looks most flawless when applied with a foundation brush. I'd recommend Make Up For Ever "HD Brush 30n" (Sephora Product Page) You just put a little foundation on the back of your hand, dip the brush in it and apply the brush to your face. I'd also recommend you use a good powder to set your makeup. Make Up For Ever "HD Microfinish Powder" (Sephora Product Page) has the same soft-focus effect as the foundation and is ideal for photos. I hope all this helps--good luck! Smiley Happy


Redness covering is probably better in a primer form than formulated in a foundation.  Not to knock Clinque but it makes me orange and I'm always at the lightest of shades for most foundations.  


MAKE UP FOR EVER (MUFE) HD foundation:  Matches skin tone.  No weird overly orange or yellow coloration for fair skin.  Photographs well.  Even for the dreaded DMV photos.  


The green based primer (1)  is probably what you're looking at for redness.  Another suggestion is the blue based primer (5).  It is also MUFE. 


Clinique's Redness Solutions foundation.  It completely covers my sister's redness (and she can get RED), plus the Redness Solutions loose mineral powder or pressed powder help cover it as well as set the foundation too.  I'm the lightest you can get in their line(I can't even WEAR half their foundations due to my skin) and I'm Calming Alabaster.  Why don't you get a sample and try it?  Any Clinique counter would be more than happy to give you a sample as well as Sephora.


I think I might have something.


Clinique's Redness Solutions


My sister has one of their products and she loves it like mad.

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