Foundation Recommendation for Combo Skin?
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I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good foundation that will work well with skin that is combination.  I have particularly flaky (but still oily) areas on and around my nose that just look awful under foundation.  I'm not picky about coverage, so long as I don't look cakey. 


Right now I'm leaning toward MUFE HD Foundation....good choice?


Hoping to take advantage of the 15% off this Thursday to get whichever I decide to go with.

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Like the others said, skincare is the place to start for flaky or combo skin.


Start by exfoliating allll those pesky flakes with something like a Clairisonic or with a face scrub like Sugar Face Polish or Philosophy Microdelivery Wash. Then use a balancing toner like Origins United State Balancing Toner (this will help prep your skin for moisturizer and balance your skin's pH levels). Then use a good, quality moisturizer. There are tons and tons and tons of good options. My personal favorite for my combination-dry skin is Korres' Greek Yoghurt Moisturizer. Lightweight enough to go underneath makeup, but still moisturzing. The probiotics are also supposed to help balance the skin.


From there, primer is your best friend. I personally haven't found anything better than Smashbox's Photo Finish line. I use UD's Naked Skin and it is wonderful! It's comparable to the MUFE HD Foundation, and I think either one of those would be a great choice for you. 
Just be sure to set oily areas with a powder!


You could also think about applying your foundation with a Beauty Blender - brushes can sometimes bring out the flakes and make them look worse under makeup. But a good primer should help!



Sorry for the long reply...I have lots of experience in this department. Smiley Wink Hope this helps!


Good luck! xo


The MUFE HD is a good place to start, but if your skin is flaky to any degree, you might look to balance it out first with skin care products rather than look for a foundation to cover up the issue as what may work for your oily spots, might emphasize the dry/flaky areas and vice versa.


Foundation primers can also help to even out your skin's texture to a certain degree depending on the formulation.


Do you exfoliate your skin any? If so, how often and what do you use? What's your day/night skin care regimen? Do you use a primer?

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Oily flaky skin is usually dehydrated. You need to take care of the flakiness with skincare,foundation won't fix the problem and will look cakey until you get all the dead skin off because it's just going to ball up on the dead skin if you don't. Find a good exfoliator and start there.Some good choices for that would be the Fresh Sugar Face Polish if your skin is a little more on the sensitive side and if not Dr. Dennis Gross' Alpha Hydroxy face pads are also a good option. After exfoliating and mositurizing the HD foundation would probably be a good choice. Hope this helps!

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