Foundation Creasing Into Laugh Lines & Undereyes. Help!

I really don't know what to do. I've tried many different setting powders, primers, setting sprays and foundations, yet I've been unable to conquer this problem. Facial expressions cause me to get creases around my under eye and laugh lines. I'll get the creases at least once every hour (on average). I've found that it is much worse with matte foundations. I am only 21 years old, and I don't believe I should be having this problem quite yet. Anyone have a solution to this problem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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It might be dehydration lines/creases that are magnified when you wear make up, especially matte/powder ones. You can try moisturizer for dehydrated skin like Korres Yogurt, Origins Make a Difference, Caudalie quench etc. Or incorporate a hydrating serum into your regimen.


If you believe that is not the case, then primer should help. Have you tried Hourglass primers, Smashbox or Benefit POREfessional? It is also possible to get crease if you apply too much make up on your face. Unless you have really big problem, use either setting powders OR setting spray; use foundation or concealer sparingly, concentrating on problem areas and blend blend blend.


That's all I can think of, try it and hope it helps. =)

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I've had this problem in the past as well and I finally found my perfect fix. It might not work for you but it's worth a try.

I use Bobbi Brown creamy concealer under my eyes applied with a domed shadow brush. Once it's blended I immediately pat the area with Laura Mercier's Secret Brightening Powder with a small velour powder puff (this is the only powder I've found that stops the creasing and doesn't look cakey). You don't need much. The key is to pat the powder on until entire undereye area is covered,  and then wipe away the excess powder with a small powder brush.

Hope this helps. Smiley Happy

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Matte foundations generally tend to be a bit heavier in formulation due to the fact they are usually paired and go hand in hand with giving fuller coverage and the finish they have.


Beautytester recommended some great primers that have a higher factor of silicone/dimethicone which helps provide more of a barrier between skin issues and your make up.


How much foundation do you apply? Sometimes looking at the application technique and the amount of product used can weigh in on how make up settles and wears ont he skin.


Use just a pea-sized amount of primer, if need be, go back with a tiny touch of extra and "tap" or "dab" it in trouble spots like pores/nose or laugh lines. You can also tap a bit more around the under eye area or even use a primer made specific for the undereyes like the one from Smashbox.


In terms of application, start with a dime sized amount of liquid foundation. If you use a traditional, flat foundation brush, consider changing to a buffing brush that applies the foundation a bit softer and isn't as direct with contact.


Something like the domed brush from Sephora ( or the Good Karma Blurring Brush from Urban Decay ( work well. Apply the foundation to a palette or back of your hand. Pick up a portion on the brush and "buff" or "rotate" the make up onto your skin, picking up more as you distribute it. Start by blending and applying at the larger portions of the face, like the forehead and cheeks, spreading then out to the nose, mouth, and chin area. This will prevent you from directly appling the foundation to the trouble spots and having product sit there and build up.


The constant rotating motion also helps blend out product evenly and distributes a better layer onto the skin, giving it a lighter look so it's not as heavy. The rotating motion also helps prevent brush strokes and streaks from showing.


In terms of applying powder, try a stippling brush or fan brush to sweep a lighter layer onto skin or if you use a traditional fluffy powder brush, take the powder and "roll" it onto the skin rather can buffing it.

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Try mixing a little moisturizer in with your foundation as you apply your foundation under your eyes or take a small amount of eye cream and put that under your eyes before you apply your foundation. Hope this helps!

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