Fair skinned girls, I need your help!
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Fair skinned ladies, I need your help! 


I'm still on the hunt for my HG foundation, and thought I'd succeeded with Clarins' Everlasting Foundation (which I got at Shoppers Drug Mart [I'm from Canada, and 4 hours away from a Sephora]). After testing nearly every single light colour in the brands Shoppers carried (Lancome, Guerlain, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Bourjois), Clarins Everlasting in 105 Nude is the PERFECT colour match for my very fair skin with neutral undertones (even possibly a white/yellow undertone)... Everything else had waaaaay too much pink (I checked every single colour in outdoor natural lighting before commiting to the purchase).... Anyways, I thought I would be set with this foundation, being that it is full coverage, for all skin types, and matte. Today, I finally tracked down the ingredients list... to find out there's alcohol in it. I've made it my mission to stay away from alcohol after a terrible experience with Clinique skincare which has caused me a year long battle with trying to restore my face... and it's still nowhere near where I'd like it to be... I don't believe in using alcohol on my face, it is a cheap remedy for acne/problem skin and as soon as it is no longer applied, the acne returns... I've already noticed my face feels even dryer than normal and is itchy after using it for 3 days... 


If any of you can recommend me a foundation that matches that colour and is suitable for dry skin, please let me know! I would prefer a full coverage foundation until my skin improves. I *think* I've finally conquered the acne problem thanks to Boscia and my Clarisonic, but I still have a lot of redness and scarring that I am really self-conscious about and would like to cover up.


I'm planning a trip south within the next week or two, and will be near a Sephora. If you guys can even just recommend some products and shades, I'll swatch them on my hand/arm and do the outdoor test, then go back in to purchase... I'd really appreciate any tips Smiley Happy


Thanks so, so much! 


- Alley

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I'd not recommend Nar's 'Finland' for pale girls. It's more suitable for NC15-20 skintones. I am VERY pale, probably NC 05-10 and I have tried almost every brand out there and a lot of the lightest shades do not work on me.

Here are my recs for extremely fair skin (like Christina Hendricks)

YSl LE TEINT TOUCHE ÉCLAT Illuminating Foundation (sheer-medium coverage)
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation (medium-full coverage however I don't think it's suitable for dry skin)
Smashbox bb cream (sheer coverage)
Illamasqua foundations! (They even have WHITE color)
Laura Mercier foundations & tinted moisturizers (although the lightest shade Porcelain is about NC 15 and has strong yellow undertones)

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You are heaven sent!! Thank you so much... Yeah, especially now that it is winter and I do not fake tan or anything, my skin is VERY close to the paleness of Christina Hendricks... so I'm THRILLED about your recommendations!

I have tried to Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation and loved everything about it... except the colour match was completely off. Rose Ivory looked much less pink when I was in the store, but as soon as I got outside I realised how much pink was in it, so it's going back... And unfortunately Sephora does not carry Soft Ivory, so I'm ordering elsewhere online and hoping for the best...

I would LOVE to try the Illamasqua foundations, but they do not ship to Canada and so far I haven't found them in store either. I'm a little apprehensive about ordering from their website without being able to see the colour/texture/etc in person, and I'm not sure about their return policy... Not to mention the shipping cost to return it... But it's definitely something to consider.

Thanks again. Honestly appreciate the help so, so much!

My illamasqua shade is 115 so I think it should be yours too if you're as pale as Christina. Smiley Happy

I do not recommend Illamasqua's cream foundations though, VERY cakey. Avoid! The rich liquid fdn is full coverage and can get cakey also. I did some research and I heard that the skin base fdn will separate. :/ Generally I haven't read that many awesome reviews for their foundations which is a pity as their shade range is perfect for me!

I've tried the MUFE HD and the lightest yellow toned shade is too dark and the lightest pink tone is too pink! Smiley Sad So I'd avoid.

Perhaps try the Nars sheer glow in siberia. It's very pale.. =)
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Again, thanks so much for these recommendations! I have heard that NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia is great for pale girls, so I will definitely be checking it out Smiley Happy I'll also look into the Illamasqua shade you recommended and see if it is possible for me to order it online.

Thanks so, so much! You're saving me the hassle of going around the whole Sephora store, endlessly swatching the lightest shades in pretty much every foundation in search of THE ONE! haha Smiley Happy
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I noticed NARS also has the Siberia shade in Sheer Matte... Any experience with that foundation?
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No problem. I know how difficult it is to find a super pale foundation!

I'd not recommend Sheer matte for dry skin. It will accentuate every single line! It's definitely more suitable for the oily skin types.
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Good to know, thanks!

One last question haha: Have you ever tried Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau? I loooooved the formula when I swatched Beige Natural 02 at my drugstore, but the colour was a touch dark and definitely pink-based despite being called "Beige".... I recently noticed Sephora carries a shade called "Ambre Pale," which looks a little more yellow/neutral... Just wondering if you had any comments!
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You can probably disregard that last comment... Just checked out the ingredients list on Guerlain Lingerie de Peau and it also contains alcohol... Not sure if I'm willing to risk trying another foundation with that particular ingredient in it...
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