Fair skinned girls, I need your help!
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Fair skinned ladies, I need your help! 


I'm still on the hunt for my HG foundation, and thought I'd succeeded with Clarins' Everlasting Foundation (which I got at Shoppers Drug Mart [I'm from Canada, and 4 hours away from a Sephora]). After testing nearly every single light colour in the brands Shoppers carried (Lancome, Guerlain, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Bourjois), Clarins Everlasting in 105 Nude is the PERFECT colour match for my very fair skin with neutral undertones (even possibly a white/yellow undertone)... Everything else had waaaaay too much pink (I checked every single colour in outdoor natural lighting before commiting to the purchase).... Anyways, I thought I would be set with this foundation, being that it is full coverage, for all skin types, and matte. Today, I finally tracked down the ingredients list... to find out there's alcohol in it. I've made it my mission to stay away from alcohol after a terrible experience with Clinique skincare which has caused me a year long battle with trying to restore my face... and it's still nowhere near where I'd like it to be... I don't believe in using alcohol on my face, it is a cheap remedy for acne/problem skin and as soon as it is no longer applied, the acne returns... I've already noticed my face feels even dryer than normal and is itchy after using it for 3 days... 


If any of you can recommend me a foundation that matches that colour and is suitable for dry skin, please let me know! I would prefer a full coverage foundation until my skin improves. I *think* I've finally conquered the acne problem thanks to Boscia and my Clarisonic, but I still have a lot of redness and scarring that I am really self-conscious about and would like to cover up.


I'm planning a trip south within the next week or two, and will be near a Sephora. If you guys can even just recommend some products and shades, I'll swatch them on my hand/arm and do the outdoor test, then go back in to purchase... I'd really appreciate any tips Smiley Happy


Thanks so, so much! 


- Alley

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I'm not sure what HG stands for but I will tell you the best foundation I've ever used out of trying around a lot is my Nars BB Cream Moisturizer in "Finland" for very fair skin. It moisturizes, dries quick, blends with my very fair/porcerlein skin, smells good almost like oranges, and has SPF 30 I believe. It hasn't made me break out and gets rid of the red dry parts of my face and evens out the tone. I have combinations skin. The dry-red parts of my face are my forehead-nose area. The rest of my face in a bit oily - cheeks and chin. 

I also have trouble finding foundation light enough. If you are shopping for drug store foundation I could recommend a light L-Oreal True Match in Porclein but if you really want something that will last a long time, help you in multiple ways, and is a little high in the budget but so worth it I would recommend:


Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum in Finland.


There is also a video on sephora.com on how to apply it when you go to the item page under related videos.

I know the price is up there but a tiny bit goes a long way. And theres no way I'm turning back, for anything.

Its definitely moisturizing. And if you have trouble with retaining moisture maybe you should also look into facial primers?

Sometimes the help. I use Sephora Luminous Primer... it feels moisturizing and leaves a semi-pearlescent sheen under my foundation after application giving me healthy kind of youthful glow or so I think. 


Good Luck on your quest! 

Hopefully you find your true foundation love like I did!

Warm Regards,



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