Face Make Up HELP!?
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Hello there! I don't really wear face make up besides blush. I was really wanting to start wearing foundation & all of that, but don't know where to start!

Really I was just wondering if it would look okay if i just highlighted & contoured?

I know how to highlight and contour, (youtube vids), but would anyone reccomend a good highlighting/contouring tool?

& how do I tell what shade of bronzer/what type of highlighter would be right for my skintone?


THANKS for the responses!

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If you are looking for some nice brushes to help you contour and highlight, I would suggest Sigma brushes. They are affordable and they are pretty good quailty.

A sigma brush to contour would be an F40 brush 



A good sigma brush to highlight could be F35 





Real techniques brushes are pretty amazing too. They are affordable and it doesnt shed all over your face. 



You can go to a makeup counter to ask what color or shade would suit your skintone. If you have fair skin tone go for a lighter color bronzer, like Too Faced Milk Chocolate bronzer. If you have a medium skin tone, then Too Faced Chocoalte would suit you more. 

If your skin doesnt need to be cover in foundation because it isnt bad then dont cover it with foundation. Some foundation could break you out and you wouldnt want that.

I would start with either a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Both gives little coverage while mosturizing your skin. The BB cream depending which kind would also benefit your skin.


I would stick to a matte bronzer but I do own a couple of bronzer with shimmers, like MAC refined golden. I usually use those in the summer for a bit of glow. 

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