Dry patches on my face even after I have applied moisturizer and a hydrating foundation primer?

I have combination skin and I have been looking all over for a moisturizer and foundation primer that doesn't irritate my skin. I finally found both- but I'm starting to see that even after I let my moisturizer sit for a while before I put on the primer (and then I do apply the primer) and I'm applying my foundation, there are dry patches all over my face! Especially my nose, under my eyes, and on my forehead. I generally apply more primer on my dry spots, since the primer I use is hydrating, or so. I don't know really what to do, should I change my primer? Is it my skin? My moisturizer? Even my foundation? Or am I missing a step or doing something wrong in my beauty routine? Please help!

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Hi BZoe.  It sounds like you have dehydrated areas and a product switch may benefit you.  What foundation, primer and foundation are you using? Feel free to comment on my reply or click on my profile to send me a private message.

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Try getting a super hydrating NIGHT cream.  They are usually much thicker and more moisturizing because at night all your skin will do is absorb it! So when you get one put a a good amount on (especially in the drier areas) a little before bed.  That will give your skin a little time to absorb it so it doesn't wipe off onto your pillow.  That should definitely help immediately but give it a few nights to really repair your dried skin! Also don't forget to EXFOLIATE! You don't want to have dirty looking skin from having dead skin moisturizer on top of your face(happens often with this type of skin) so exfoliate at night and then put the night cream on and it will REALLY sink right in!! Hope this helps!!

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Hi bzoe, I'd recommend to incorporate an exfoliator in your routine. It will slush of dead skin and leave behind a smooth canvas for your primer and foundation to skin on. Try First Aid Beauty's Facial Radiance Pads. They will exfoliate, tone, and brighten in one step and are gentle enough to use everyday. Good luck, <3 Julianna
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You just need to exfoliate to eliminate the problem. You can do that by many different ways. You could purchase a scrub that has particles in it that help rub off the dead skin cells, or you could try the Clarisonic, or use a facial wash containing any sort of Alpha Hydroxy Acid..Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid...or look for something with the ingredient Vitamin A which is often called Retinol in product ingredients lists. I think scrubs aren't bad if you purchase a good one, but if you purchase a bad one it WILL damage your skin and make sure not to use it too often. A favorite of mine is Origins Microdermabrasion Scrub.. I use it 2 times a week and not more. I think the Clarisonic damages your skin and will give you broken capillaries..I think it's just a gimmick..but thats strictly my opinion if it works for you great. I think the easiest way to eliminate flakes is to use a wash containing the AHAS...try Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Wash. it's pretty good..or his retinol fusion before bed. 

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