Do you use a moisturizer or a primer first or vice versa?

I'm wondering, before you put on foundation, do you use a moisturizer then a primer, or do you prime first then apply moisturizer? Does it matter the order you put them on your face? Also, is it better to just use one instead of both at the same time? Thanks.

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Moisturize then primer.


A primers main function is to provide better wearability to make up and preps skin for a smoother look once make up is applied.


You apply it after moisturizer so it can lock in the benefits of your moisturizer (and/or treatment) and is the first thing your make up touches.


Hi ahbunny,


Lylysa is correct (Thanks! Smiley Happy ) You always want your moisturizer first and then primer. Some people don't like to layer both and use hydrating/moisturizing primers but its really a personal preference! 

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This is my routine:



Sunscreen (a lot of moisturizers do have sunscreen, but you'd have to put a LOT more on than you think you would to actually get the full benefits of SPF 20, 30, etc.  So I always put on sunblock of 30+ after my moisturizer sinks in.)


Tinted Moisturizer


I always moisturize then prime. as the other ladies said the primer locks in your moisturizer and then preps your skin for a smooth makeup application. Since I have oily skin I always wear a primer, but it is up to you if you choose to!!



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