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Do you put your primer or moisturizer on first?
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Well ladies, which one do you put on first? Your foundation primer or you moisturizer? To me it makes sense to do the moisturizer first, but the primer I use says to put on before the moisturizer.

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Apply your moisturizer first, then your primer. Your moisturizer is made to absorb and hydrate the skin, and your primer is likespackle" for the skin. It sits on the surface on your skin, smoothing out the texture of your skin, and extends the wear of yourfoundation. Enjoy! "

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Your skin care routine should be in this order:

1. Cleanse.

2. Treat (Serum, spot treatments)

3. Moisturize.

4. Protect (Sunscreen)

& then

- primer

- concealor.

- foundation.

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I am looking for a primer

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use your moisturizer first! primers seal in the moisture you just applied and glide over any blemish or problem area's you have!

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