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My face is quite round and I am going to begin contouring but need some shade & product advice.  What is the best concealer stick or foundation stick and what is the best matte powder to use on top?  I currently use MUF HD Foundation in 128 (my skin is this color if not a bit darker), so which shades should I do in each product as well? Thank you!!


P.S. I tried Urban Decay's 24/7 Concealer Pencil in M16 and it's definitely not dark enough.

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why don't you try one of those contour palettes from MakeUPForever?

or any other brand may work for you; i don't really know much about the foundation sticks but i could recommend you a concealer. try if you can find it: MakeUpForever concealer(liquid). however, since i don't know much about your skin, i cannot guarantee you anything, but remember that for concealers, solid creamy concealers work the best on covering your flaws.

P.S. for bluish dark circles, you use a pinkish concealer and for the brownish dark circles, you use a yellowish concealer.

sorry, i hope this helps; just ask me anything else if you have any other question

thank youSmiley Happy

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