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How to myake my fat droopy cheeks look more contoured and higher like model cheek bones

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I like to use 2 colors when I want to enhance my cheekbones, a lighter, shinier one on the cheek bones (feel for them with your fingers) and a darker, matte one in the hollows of the cheeks (right under the cheek bone... technically where your cheek muscles are). Make sure that they are both extended up and out towards your temples to make your face seem "lifted". Moderation is key so start on a with a little using a blush brush and build up color as desired Oh, and blend the 2 together a bit at the lower perimeter of your cheekbone. Make sure the place you're applying it has decent lighting... you don't want to think you put on just enough and wind up going out to a brighter environment and looking silly... totally happened to me before.


Good luck!

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