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I've recently been thinking about beginning to use a bronzer, but I need some advice!  What are some bronzers you recommend for someone with fair skin?  Also, how do you apply the what areas of the face do you apply it?  Thanks so much :-)

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hmmmmmmmm....i say try a Lorac bronzer, or Urban baked ones. they are nice b/c they are buildable and have a variation of colors. The finish is going to be semi satin vs matte. so depending on your finish pref, you may or may not prefer this. 

I tend to use bronzer to sculpt out the cheekbones, and jawline. I reccommend the 3 and captial cursive E as an outline of where you want to hit your face w/bronzer. for ex: on the left side think #3. the top= hairline, the mid= cheeckbones, the bottome= jawline.

sorry to be over tech.

but hope this helps

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