Blushes comparable to nars orgasm
I really love nars orgasm but I would like to get a new blush for Christmas.. I am looking for something that is similar to orgasm but not identical. Also, does anyone one like benefit hoola bronzer? I have nars Laguna now. One more thing.. is there any nars lipglosses that look like orgasm? Thanks Smiley Happy
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A blush shade similar to NARS' Orgasm is NARS' Torrid. It supposed to have a little more coral than peach, but is supposed to be relatively similar. Here it is:



TorridTorrid (coral with shimmer)

NARS Blush - Torrid  



I'm putting NARS' Orgasm so you can compare. Here it is:


OrgasmOrgasm (peachy pink with shimmer)

NARS Blush - Orgasm



A shade of lip gloss similar to NARS' Orgasm would be:   a) NARS' Lip Gloss in Orgasm,    b) NARS' Super Orgasm (if you didn't mind more shimmer),     b) NARS' Sweet Revenge,       d) Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Bunny,     e) Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Amber


Here are the shades:



Orgasm Orgasm (sheer warm pink with golden shimmer)

NARS Lip Gloss- Orgasm

Super OrgasmSuper Orgasm (peachy pink with gold glitter)

NARS Lip Gloss-Super Orgasm


Sweet RevengeSweet Revenge (sheer pink grapefruit)

NARS Lip Gloss-Sweet Revenge


BunnyBunny (original/ innocent pink)

Buxom Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish- Bunny


AmberAmber (original/ soft shimmering peach)

Buxom Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish- Amber

And as for the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, it depends on your skin tone. My fair skinned friend uses it and loves it. As for me (I have medium/olive skin) it's not the best bronzer in the world. I have the NARS' Laguna bronzer as well, and it works for me. But, for my fair skinned friend, it looks like dirt on her. So, all in all, it depends.



                                                 Hope this helped!

                                   -dreamysmile Smiley Happy


I find the TheBalm Hot Mama blush EXTREMELY similar to NARS Orgasm and honestly...the only difference I see btw these 2 is the price and the fact that the hot mama blush has more pigment and less glitter.


I do have the Hoola bronzer but I prefer my benefit dallas bronzer. The hoola is fine for me during the summer when I have a good tan but when my skin is fair to light it is very dark/muddy.


Hi janamae88. Everyone gave awesome suggestions for blushes that are similar to NARS Orgasm. Here are a couple more, in case you still haven't decided:


Benefit Cosmetics Coralista





Too Faced Full Bloom Ultra Flush Blush in Who's Your Poppy



I also recommend the NARS lip gloss in Orgasm or if you wanted to try another brand, check out the Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Afterglow. 










NARS blush Amour is a peachy pink without the shimmer.  Super Orgasm has gold glitter in it if you wanted to be sparkly.  Although since this is the winter season, you might enjoy YSL's Creme De Blush (2).


Tarte has their amazonian clay blushes.  Blissful might suit your interests.


So were you leaning towards more of a peach/apricot color blush or a pink?  If going more peachy, you may want to look over at the Shu Uemura website at their glow on blush. If more pink, try a softer version and see if it works for you.


And there is a NARS Lip Gloss in orgasm.  Just hit ctrl F on the lip gloss product page and type in orgasm. 


an almost exact due is Milani's blush in luminous. I actually think the gold shimmer in Luminous is much better milled in my opinion.

another great dupe if you can get your hands on it is Rose Gold by Sleek make-up.

and there is an Orgasm lipgloss from NARS. It is on the Sephora website as well as the actual Nars website.


I hope that helps!

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hey! i think benefit hoola might be too dark for you - that's at least what i decided for me. you should get that nars palette!


the others left great lip gloss suggestions! =)

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i find sonnia kashuk's beutyifying blush in pink is colse. for the bronzer, the nyc smooth skin bronzer in sunny would work.


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