Blush for every day use (light/medium skin)

Hello again...


Well, some of you are following my steps on my new make-up life.

Now its time to chose an everyday blush, one to carry on my purse for touch ups through out the day.

Since I am new on this make-up daily routine kind of thing, I am afraind of cream blushes. It reminds me the 70's... and I am afraid of getting all blocthy and pinky read, and mess-up bad (should I be afraid?)  Are powder blushes so much safer?


What color would you recommend for an everyday use ? I am light to medium color skinned.  I am not very concerned with price but with the quality of products I use on my face since I have rosecea and I am almost 50 .  (my husband is laughing hard saying I am only 47 and all the responses will start as "hello grandma" LOL.  Please dont...   LOL


Thanks for any input, tips and comments you can help me with.

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Hey Gra...oh right.. hehe Smiley Happy

I find it interesting that you want an "everyday" blush. I'm going to assume that you mean a blush that is not too vivid or vibrant/shocking.

First let me say that any blush can be an "everyday" blush once you apply it very lightly with the right brush.

If you own a fan brush, stippling brush or a big fluggy (but still pointed) blush brush then that's 3/4 the battle!

Also, I'm not sure about your skin concerns but as we get older our skin tends to veer to the dry side, so I really think you ought not to cancel out cream blush just yet. It is the best way to get a dewy glow! Again it also depends on your technique. If you dot it on and blend little by little you shouldn't have a problem. Today's cream blushes are made to be buildable and sheer out very nicely. OR you could go for a cheek stain!

Some blushes I would recommend:

NARS: Douceur, Madly, Sex Appeal

Tarte cheek stain in Dollface and Tipsy:

MAC: Cubic, Tenderling, Sincere, Trace Gold, Sunbasque


Some cream blushes to consider:

Illamasqua - Rude

NARS multiple in South Beach


Also, have you considered using Clinique's urgent redness relief cream to help with the rosacea? Or a green primer from Smashbox or Make Up Forever to help cancel out the red in your face? Perhaps you should sample on or two.


Hope that helps!!! 


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Hey Islandqt! You know, I have a thing about MAC. I love the brand. I have their brushes, facepowder, shadows and fixing powder... never tried the cream blushes tho. Recently I was at the store to purchase a highlighter. The MUA showed me a cream and a mineralize powder version. I of course I was afraid of the cream and end up buyin the powder (LOL). But I might go there and try the cream since you and the other girls here mentioned this version so dearly.
But I still have a question.... If opt for a cream and use my fingers and have this on my purse for my "every-day-use" (on the go, run, in between events) if I dont have a sink where I can wash my hands will I end up with pink fingers. Will I not? In that case what do you suggest?
Thanks again and be certain I will try and look for all the colors and suggestions you made. Smiley Happy

I was being kind of general with the cream blush suggestion. When I put on cream blush I never really need to touch it up and this is especially true if you use a stain like the ones from Tarte. If it's going to go into your purse I say stick with the powder and pack a mini blush brush.
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