Blush for every day use (light/medium skin)

Hello again...


Well, some of you are following my steps on my new make-up life.

Now its time to chose an everyday blush, one to carry on my purse for touch ups through out the day.

Since I am new on this make-up daily routine kind of thing, I am afraind of cream blushes. It reminds me the 70's... and I am afraid of getting all blocthy and pinky read, and mess-up bad (should I be afraid?)  Are powder blushes so much safer?


What color would you recommend for an everyday use ? I am light to medium color skinned.  I am not very concerned with price but with the quality of products I use on my face since I have rosecea and I am almost 50 .  (my husband is laughing hard saying I am only 47 and all the responses will start as "hello grandma" LOL.  Please dont...   LOL


Thanks for any input, tips and comments you can help me with.

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Nars makes very nice cream blushes, and no, I don't think you have to worry about 70's looking blush, just use a thin coat, then blend, blend, blend!  If you want darker, just build color with more layers. Also, after you put on your blush and finished blending, go to a window with natural light and check to make sure you have a natural looking application, indoor light can be tricky to get a good look. If you don't have a window, consider a lighted makeup mirror, they make ones with a daylight look.


My favorite blushes from Nars are Multiples in Orgasm and Riviera.

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First thanks to all comments, and suggestions you made. Be sure I will look into all of them.
But I do have a question regarding NARS Orgasm Blush: How shimmer is it? Can I use it during the day without looking too much?

Thanks again!

I don't think it's very shimmery (though this is my opinion and I got called out on it in a different post, it is definitely NOT matte). I wear it every day and find it is less shimmery than say, Too Faced Pink Leopard (another of my faves). If I mix Benefit High Beam with my foundation for more illumination, say, it's about that shimmery, if this makes sense to you?
Orgasm isn't super shimmery, but it does have a little bit. Deep Throat is a good alternative to Orgasm -- it's almost the same, just a little less bright and sparkly. : )
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Thanks both of you girls. Now its pretty clear to my how shimmer of Nars Orgasm. =)

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