Blush for every day use (light/medium skin)

Hello again...


Well, some of you are following my steps on my new make-up life.

Now its time to chose an everyday blush, one to carry on my purse for touch ups through out the day.

Since I am new on this make-up daily routine kind of thing, I am afraind of cream blushes. It reminds me the 70's... and I am afraid of getting all blocthy and pinky read, and mess-up bad (should I be afraid?)  Are powder blushes so much safer?


What color would you recommend for an everyday use ? I am light to medium color skinned.  I am not very concerned with price but with the quality of products I use on my face since I have rosecea and I am almost 50 .  (my husband is laughing hard saying I am only 47 and all the responses will start as "hello grandma" LOL.  Please dont...   LOL


Thanks for any input, tips and comments you can help me with.

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I love cream blush, and I bet it's come a long way since the 70s -- so you shouldn't necessarily fear it! My favorite cream blushes are by NARS -- Penny Lane is a perfect-for-every-day nude pink with a hint of peach. This is my go-to shade, because it's impossible to mess it up (I'm really fair, so it can look overdone really easily). My current favorite, though, is Cactus Flower. Don't let the bright red color intimidate you; it's actually quite beautiful once it's blended. I use the tiniest dab (!) and blend with my fingertips, and it leaves a really pretty flush on my cheeks. Both of these can be worn every day.


If you prefer to stick to powder blush, some of my favorite every day blushes are NARS Douceur, NARS Deep Throat, Laura Mercier Wild Bouquet (rosy brown), and Bobbi Brown in Pale Pink. I also like the new Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes -- you might want to take a look at them, too!


I've learned (more recently than I care to admit) that with blush, application is key, even more so than color. Of course, it's always good to wear a shade that flatters your undertone -- but the right brush can make all the difference between blush looking clownish and streaky to natural and glowing. When I switched to a fluffier, fuller brush, I found that even shades like NARS Exhibit A (terrifying in the compact) were wearable on my porcelain-colored skin (previously I would have never thought I could pull off a shade like that).


NOTE: I don't have rosacea, but as far as I know, none of the blushes from the lines I mentioned -- NARS, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier -- should bother sensitive skin -- but you never know -- so test it carefully.


: )