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Since I wash my face in the morning, I like to just use a makeup removing wipe at the end of the night to remove my makeup before bed. However, all of the wipes I've tried so far still leave traces of makeup on my skin. Does anyone know of a good wipe that is mild enough for eye areas and still gets all the makeup off? Thanks in advance!

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I have found that no matter what wipes I use, when I cleanse with my Clarisonic afterwards, there are still traces of makeup on my face. Personally, I find that wipes are good to start with, but never really totally get the job done even when I use two. If you want a deeper clean without having to do a full wash, use something like Korres Milk Proteins 3-in-1 cleansing emulsion. It's a makeup remover, cleanser and toner in one and that with a soft cloth or washcloth works better than wipes, will be more economical than wipes in the long run, and leaves your skin feeling smooth, clean and not stripped. You don't have to rinse it off after if you don't want to. I do because my skin doesn't like anything heavier than toner on it at night.

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I have used the Korres Pomegranate wipes and found them to leave a  sticky residue that made me have to wash my face after anyway. Believe it or not, I use Huggies baby wipes to take off my makeup. They work just as well as the fancy cosmetic brands and are very gentle on your skin, not to mention you get waaaaaay more for your money! Just make sure you get the sensitive skin or fragrance free ones. I also have tried Seventh Generation baby wipes, but the huggies ones were thicker and softer.


Hope that helps!



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