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Best liquid foundation for oily/acne prone skin for summer

I sadly have oily skin and am in need of some good liquid foundation for the summer. Mineral/powder foundation would do no good for me. I have acne prone skin and it doesn't cover like I would prefer it to. I just want liquid all the way. I like a Lancome brand but since I'm in Canada, it won't ship to me and I don't necessarily make many trips to the nearest Sephora. So, I need help!

What is the best liquid foundation that can withstand the heat, humidity, sweat and what nots to do with summer?

Please and thank you!Smiley Happy

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I also have oily skin and needed a liquid foundation that wouldn't worsen my acne while giving me good coverage and able to stand sweaty, hot summer skin. The one I use is Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Foundation. IT'S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! It goes on your face liquid and dries like a smooth powdery-finish and you CAN'T tell you're even wearing anything on your face while getting amazing coverage and NOT having to worry at all what the  make-up is doing to your skin since it's got acne medication in the foundation. It lasts ALL DAY!!! I've worn it in really hot weather where I was sure it would smear off my face or look like I'd needed to re-do my whole face make up and it was PERFECT!!! I do apply some Clinique pressed powder just to help it stay and give it a more "finished" look but seriously, this liquid foundation is the best ever, especially for acne prone skin and for warm/hot, sweaty, humid weather.

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Humidity is not foundation friendly; especially after long periods of being outdoors.  The best way to keep it from falling off too fast would be to use a primer designed for oily skin. 


If you really love Lancome, try their official Canadian site.  They do offer shipping to Canadian addresses there if those items are not available through 

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 I highly recommend the Tarte ReCreate foundation, since it's liquid and natural so if you sweat it helps with acne prone skin I live where in the summer it's in the 120's and it still looks flawless after a long day, you can build the coverage (medium to full) and it does last a good amount of time so you don't have to constantly go buy a new one, If you use and good primer under it helps a lot also. I set it with the Tarte Smooth Operator loose powder and that help with oils that your skin produces Smiley Happy

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Liquid Foundation   see_all

Long Wear Endless Comfort Transfer Resistant Foundation SPF10

, $55


I've used this in some pretty sweaty situations and it really does last.  Expensive, but I don't used it everyday either.  Only when I want extra coverage when attending an event or meeting or something.  I always use a primer underneath, Fusion Beauty Primer, and cover with a mineral powder.  Seems to last for me and I have very oily skin.

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I am a black women with Mocha oily skin please help with a foundation that control the oil in my skin

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