Best brush for powder. & a best brush for foundation
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  • What is the best brush to get for powders? (bare essentials ready to go powder) & sometimes the MUFE microfinish powder 
  • Also, what is the best brush to use for foundation (I use clinque even better spf 15 foundation & sometimes use chanel vitalumiere)
  • i want a soft brush built for senstive skin, that lasts a long time & does not get messed up when i  wash it!!
  • i also do not want a product that absorbs the make up and instead blends it perfectly without any strokes. thanks!
  • anyone know how the tarte bamboo airbrush finish works also? 

ALSO, what are the flat top brushes used for?


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Hello there!!

I don't have the Ready blushes but I do have a Buxom blush and a Tarte blush. The Buxom blush is the closest to the Ready blushes. I was also having problems getting out any product from it.

A firm but soft brush works best. I normally use the Bare Essentuals Soft Focus face brush. Others that work are the Bare Essentuals Tapered blush brush, the Sephora Pro Angled blush brush, and the Sephora I.T Collection Powder brush.

For foundation brushes I absolutely would get the Tarte Bamboo Foundation Airbrush. It's big, firm, but plush. It covers a large area of the face for faster application. I also like to use the Sephora I.T Flat foundation brush since the Tarte brush has a tendency to absorb product a little. I also like the Sephora Classic Collection Mineral Foundation brush. It says it's for powder foundation but works really well for liquid. It's pretty small but really dense and great for buffing.

For Flat top brushes, they're sometimes used for buffing or contouring. Most are small and really fit into the hollow of the cheek to put Bronzer or a darker color of blush. You can use certain ones for foundation to give more coverage. I've never used a flat top brush for foundation but for blush/Bronzer it works much better.

Since you're looking for something more hygienic, easy to clean, won't absorb product, and food for sensitive skin; I'd go for brushes that have synthetic hair. Most don't absorb product but you have to clean them to make sure it stays that way. But they're easy to clean. A lot of natural hair brushes get a little prickly overtime but if you clean and take care of them theylle last. Also natural hair brushes are a little cheaper than synthetic ones but synthetic ones last longer. It's really up to preference.

Hope this helps!
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