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Hi guys,

I have combination oily skin. In the winter, my cheeks are pretty normal, and my t-zone is pretty oily. In the summer, my cheeks become a little oily and my t-zone is very, very oily (basically 5 minutes after I put on oil-free lotion, my nose and forehead start to shine with oil). I am looking for a primer right now for the colder seasons because I need to use it for school. I am in grade 8 and since we have PE, I want something that will make my makeup last. I have Benefit's Porefessional so I don't need anything that will help my pores. I want a matte finish and something that will prevent my makeup from smudging and disappearing (or whatever it does lol). I don't care about SPF because my tinted moisturizer already contains SPF. Something oil-free and lightweight would be preferred. Also, it has to be water-resistant!! WATER RESISTANT! 

Thanks so so so much!

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I think the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer would be great for you. It's quite expensive, but it's really worth it. It controls oil AND it waterproofs any makeup you put on top. It also has SPF 15, so it's and extra benefit. It's $55 for the full size and $18 for a small size. There's also a jumbo size for $77. 


Just another question, are you using a moisturizer with SPF before your tinted moisturizer? 

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