Benefits High Beam or NARS Illuminator ??

I noticed the NARS Illuminator comes with more than twice the product as High Beam for only $6 more. the color Copacabana - glistening pearl is what i'm thinking about purchasing instead of High Beam to highlight my cheek bones. What are the differences between the two products? Do they have the same wear time? Is one more shimmery or glittery then the other? (cause I definatly don't want glittery, shimmer is great though). Please give me your opinions, thanks : )


NARS illuminator


Benefit High Beam

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Both are nice illuminators, and neither is glittery. I would say that High Beam is probably a little more subtle than the NARS Illuminator -- it's also a thinner liquid. The NARS Illuminator has a thicker consistency, and a tiny bit goes a long, long way.


I'm partial to NARS, but I actually prefer the Copacabana Multiple over the Copacabana Illuminator; I find it easier to work with. Both forms of Copacabana are excellent choices, though. Smiley Happy It just depends on your preference!

I like the NARS Copacabana multiple also. Since it is a stick applicator, you can apply a light sweep first, check how you like it, then build if you want more highlighting. I don't think it looks unnatural, I like it a lot more than the Benefit. However, if you want an all over brightening, then go for the Benefit since you can mix a drop or 2 into your foundation to give an overall brighter look. It all depends on where and how you want to use it- for highlighter use alone, I'd recommend the NARS Multiple, for highlighter and use with foundation, choose the Benefit since it's a liquid.

Hope this helps!
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