Benefits Erase Paste Compared to MUFE full coverage concealer
I really liked the shade of Benefits #2 Med Erase Paste, but was wondering how it compares to MUFE full coverage concealer. I notice that MUFE is waterproof, which is good, but which shade would be comparable. Also, I am in my 50's and have dry skin, so which would you recommend?
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Hi Ritsi,


The main point of difference I see between these two concealers is indeed the waterproof effect, as well as the texture. The Erase Paste is a heavy, warmer toned and more creamy feeling consistency. The MUFE Full Coverage is slightly more dry, comes in a larger variety of colors and yes, does have the waterproof finish. Since you do say you have dry skin, I would highly suggest the Erase Paste (great for dark cirles around the eyes!) as it keeps the eye area looking more hydrated and replenished.


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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