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Is anyone subscribing to monthly beauty boxes such as Sample Society or Glossy? If so, what are your thoughts on them?
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I'm a member of Birchbox. I love it. The samples are high quality and large sized. Although you can purchase the products through the Birchbox site, I usually come to Sephora to purchase. For $10, it's totally worth it. I found a perfect cleanser and scrub that work wonders on my skin. I also found a BB cream that works on my skin. I have problems with uneven pigmentation and it works. No foundation or concealer needed. I plan on puchasing here. Sephora should do something similar. I'd join.

A bunch of us have tried various subscription boxes- here's a link to the post. In general, it works best if you don't already have an extensive makeup collection. If you already have a lot like me, *hangs head in shame* it just causes an accumulation of samples.


Hope this helps!

I have birchbox and sample society. IMO, sample society is better.  I have found a few products I like from that subscription.  I think its starts to get a little dangerous when you are subscribed to too many.  I may cancel BB at some point and hold on to SS until it  gets old.  :-)

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I finally just got off of the waiting list for birchbox. So excited to receive my first box soon. Should be shipping by the 22nd. I also joined Ipsy but I am still on the waiting list for that one and I tried Beauty Box 5 but for some reason kept giving me errors when I tried to complete my subscription. Cant wait to receive my boxes! :smileywink:

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I'm addicted to these for some reason. As if I didn't have enough samples from Sephora alone. I subscribe to GlossyBox, Birchbox, Ipsy, Sample Society, and Wantable.


I love Birchbox for the points system. Ipsy is great if you're looking for makeup. Sample Society sends out high end brands, but is skincare oriented. GlossyBox is one of my favorites because the packaging is really lovely, and they send out a lot of high end and international brands. Wantable is the priciest of the five, but they send four to five full sized makeup products per month and you can return it if you're not happy with the contents.


Hope that helps.

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