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Bare Minerals/essentials

Hello everyone!! I want to start using bare essentials foundation...Im not sure if it will give full coverage? since it is a loose powder. I have slightly red areas on my face(cheeks) and previous scars from blemishes, does anyone know if it will give me the full coverage I need to cover those areas? I just hear such great things about the product line and I am urging to try it and give it a shot!!! I hope you guys can help me out! 

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I looked for years to find something that would cover my redness.  Bare Minerals is the first to do that but I also used the concealer under it.

I love the Bare Minerals as well. I have rosacea on my cheeks, especially the left one oddly enough! I prefer the MATTE version of Bare Minerals..(I did not like the original shimmery formula.) Keep in mind that they also have a Redness corrector that comes with a dual ended brush. (product# 1362920). I think it gives great coverage. It's nice because you don't feel like you have tons of foundation on to cover your redness (or whatever).
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