Bare Minerals drying my face out?? HELP!
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I just started using Bare Minerals makeup... I feel like it's drying my skin out and it seems like my Rosacea is trying to flare up (which is rare). I was using a cream-to-powder foundation previously and didn't have this problem. Is my skin just trying to adjust? I have combination skin, so I try to stay away from really intense moisturizers, but are they what I need to be able to stick with Bare Minerals? I love how it looks, but my face is itchy! Help!

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Hi I am an Esthetician; the fact that you feel like your rosacea is flaring up I would suggest going to see your dermatologist, you maybe need something to help hydrate your skin. It is very possible the bare minerals can effect it. People with rosacea have sensitive skin and therefore different products will cause a flare up. The cream to powder foundation seems to me as if it was hydrating your skin at the same time as covering what you are trying to cover. I would suggest using your cream to powder foundation as a base coat on your skin and then follow up with the bare minerals. this might help hydrate you if you feel dry. I have to put a cream to powder foundation on before i use my bare mineral makeup as well. hope this helps!


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Ok, this is a tough one! I'm a combination as you are, so it can sometimes be confusing. Have you tried to put on your favorite moisturizer before you did the next routine? A moisturizer I would recommend is Cetaphil. If you've used it, you probably know how amazing it is. It works so good with all skin types! I'd try this moisturizer before doing your routine, and also put some face primer on. I hope this helped! 



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I can only speak from the experience of a dry skinned girl, but it dried me out big time. I would moisturize and prime, but when you wear powder foundation, warmth, powder blush, mineral veil... That's just a lot of powder. It absorbed all my moisture and then some.
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my skin is combination as well.  during the summer BE is a Godsend.  Not the winter, my skin during the winter can't handle a powder or matte foundation because it turns my skin painfully dry.  I'd suggest either trying a primer (i use smashbox) or just using a liquid for winter.  I won't touch BE during the winter, but that's just because my skin becomes extremely dry.  You could always try mixing it extremely well into your moisturizer then applying like a liquid.  I do that sometimes... works nicely.  just mix well!

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